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PDC Fire Assemblies is a subsidiary of Planning Design Construction and is a service provider specializing in Automatic and self closing fire assemblies for large scale commercial and institutional system requirements.
Our company was founded in 1985 and has grown rapidly to become of the finest and most reliable contractors in the southern California.
PDC is the single source in protecting your most important business assets and property.
PDC is committed to maintain today's complex and stringent fire and life safety, Building and safety codes. We are specializing in large commercial and retail properties, such as hospitals, hotels, high rise office building, industrial and residential complexes, Our Clients today include some of the most prominent buildings in southern California.

Our certified, licensed designers and technicians help client design, install, test, repair and maintain full scale fire prevention assemblies based on their specific requirements and needs. We also provide planning and architectural drawings. PDC is fully-licensed contractor and service provider; we are expert at retrofitting older properties to current building and safety standards.
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