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Services: Our mission is to serve and protect the lives, businesses, and properties of our existing and future clients by providing the best there is in construction, fire and Life safety protection, and design, installation and maintenance programs to make us maintain a long-term relationship with our clients.

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Testing: Our certified and best qualified technicians are here to assist you with the testing requirements of building's fire and safety equipments. Association approved testing and inspection, all compliance testing, and more   

Installation: Our highly trained technicians are fully certified to service your needs for a wide variety of new installations of prevention assemblies and retrofitting office, commercial, and industrial buildings. We have been involved with installations and repairs in some of the most prominent buildings in southern California. and more

Repairs and Maintenance: Repairs and retrofitting small, large, high-rise and low rise commercial and residential buildings is one of our daily routines. Our client base is represented by local, regional, and national property owners and management companies, health care and medical buildings, managers and owners. and more

Parts: We stock a variety of local replacement parts and hardware. None stock Items are usually obtained within a few days. and more

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